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Caring staff , so that Jinting becomes the home of employees 

We always adhere to the "people -oriented" business philosophy, and strive to build a harmonious and stable labor relations , caring staff , according to the law to protect employees' legitimate rights and interests of relatively stable workforce . 2013 has specific completion ( achieve ) the facts are as follows:

A revised and improved company rules and regulations.

April 28, 2012 The People's Republic of China State Council Order No. 619 , " female workers labor protection special provisions" after the enactment of the company to implement the national implementation of the policy to ensure that the rights and interests of women workers .

Second, to strengthen staff training, so they can quickly integrate into the enterprise

977 new staff training , outsourcing training 83 people, invested about 55,000 training costs.

Third, the company timely and full payment of wages , the establishment of mechanisms for the normal growth of wages.For the year based on the original wages generally increased about 10%, to better mobilize the broad masses of workers labor enthusiasm.

Fourth, the company provides free meals, dietary committee established.Each quarter, the company is issuing satisfaction survey for household employees cater to different tastes . In this year, an increase of Lanzhou noodles window . Distributed to employees working at night dessert and milk.

Fifth, the company employees travel to enrich their leisure.In this year organize all company personnel Shanghai Happy Valley and Zhejiang Xitang, Lingshan Buddha tour.

Six , organization staff conduct fire safety drills to improve staff awareness of fire safety.

Annually organized the whole fire safety drills in batches , and enhance staff awareness of fire safety , eliminate fire hazards, improve fire fighting and rescue work of the organization and processing power , a better understanding of fire protection systems and floor fire escape route , improve self-help capabilities ; to guide participants to master the correct use of fire-fighting equipment , fire safety management to improve the company level .

Seven , trade unions play a role , maintaining harmonious labor relations.

Union employees to each sick visit ;
Annually for union activists selection ;
Actively organize union activities , in May to participate in Baoshan Industrial Zone organized labor movement will tug achieved second place ;

Paid to each employee during the festive season holiday gifts .

Eight , caring staff. Employees paid monthly birthday birthday gift certificates.

Nine , lower staff turnover

The company introduced various incentives, stable staff , relatively stable workforce .

The future the company will continue to adhere to the "people -oriented" concept , to further improve the living conditions of employees , for employees to do practical things for the benefit .

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